Our company

The National Engineering Corporation is a multi-industrial leader in the sphere of industrial construction and new technologies.

JSC "NEC" was founded on the basis of the strongest engineering and technical resources of several
St.-Petersburg and Moscow technological and design and construction companies.

The National Engineering Corporation is a team of engineers with extensive experience in manufacturing, design, engineering, and R&D.

Priority goals of JSC "NEC" are digitalization of economic sectors, development of innovative technologies, modernization of enterprises and implementation of the principles of Industry 4.0.

Key team competencies

команда.jpgThe JSC "NEC" team has a wide range of unique competencies: integrated engineering and turnkey implementation of projects, transfer of new technologies, large-scale digital transformation of enterprises, and interaction with state authorities.

  • Industrial design of technologically complicated objects
  • Construction of technologically complicated objects
  • Development, testing, implementation and adaptation of new technologies
  • Engineering in technological projects
  • Installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Weak-current systems
  • Automation systems
  • Management of construction and installation works
  • Projects re-engineering: improvement of production and technologies
  • Supply and installation of equipment and materials
  • Modernization of production lines
  • Service maintenance
  • Engineering communications
  • Digitalization of production


More than 10 years of experience in the following industries:

  • Mining and manufacturing industry
  • Electricity industry
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy
  • Microbiology
  • Building materials industry
  • Biotechnologies
  • Chemistry and petrochemistry
  • Fuel and energy complex
  • Machine-building and metal machining
  • Nanotechnologies
  • IT-development
  • Light and food industry

Solutions for optimization of manufacturing enterprises

01 analytics.png Predictive analytics
We assist enterprises to turn from scheduled preventive repairs to repairs «when needed»
05 programming.png IIoT (the Internet of Things)
Feedback from production lines. Equipment and process monitoring
09 big-data.png Big Data
Analysis of engineering, technological and production infrastructure
02 options.png Recommender systems
To achieve the targeted quality indicators of energy efficiency, productivity
06 artificial-intelligence.png Machine training
Neural networks, support vectors and other AI methods for increasing production efficiency
10 unlink.png Blockchain
Management systems:
from the purchase of spare parts to full automation of maintenance
03 industrial.png Automation and robotization
Reduction of the number of staff. Cost reduction. Quality improvement
07 shield.png Intelligent Security System
Industrial safety, labor and environmental protection
11 warranty.png Smart contracts
Accelerates technology implementation. Allows the launch of the project immediately after testing
04 vr-glasses.png  VR/AR
Augmented and Virtual Reality Systems
08 touch-screen.png Sensor systems
Process Control Optimization
12 cloud.png 5G Networks
and cloud storage

JSC "National Engineering Corporation" is the company of the sixth wave of innovation 

Focusing on the implementation of the high-tech solutions and elements of the new industrial revolution, JSC "NEC" should not only become the universal conductor of Industry 4.0 in Russia, but also reach the level of international cooperation with the leading engineering centers of the world and scale the business to the global market.