Principles of corporate culture

1. Best team in the country

Each employee is a master of their craft. We have brought together the best designers, engineers, analysts and managers with rich experience and a set of practical knowledge and skills in various fields of business.

2. Trust

Relationship of trust between colleagues, management and customers creates a comfortable and productive working environment. Any employee can turn to colleagues for help and knowing for sure they will receive it.

3. Initiative

Any idea is approved and encouraged: all employees know this.

«If you do not agree - criticize, criticize - offer, offer - do, do - answer!» 

Sergey Korolev

Academician, design engineer, Russian cosmonautics practice

4. Flexible structure

We are always ready for changes and quickly adapt to any situation, because we use the most modern management methods.

SCRUM * Methodology
small cross-functional teams of specialists working without a clear hierarchy are working on the project.
* —
AGILE Business Philosophy *
people are more important than tools; product is more important than documentation; cooperation is more important than coordination; willingness to change is more important than following a plan.
* —

5. Laboratory of meanings

Every day we generate new ideas, approaches, and methods. For each project we develop non-standard solutions that are optimally suitable for specific tasks.